Bhutan is located in the eastern Himalayas bordered by China in the north and the India states of Arunachal Pradesh in the east, Assam, Sikkim in the west and West Bengal in south. The natural beauty of Bhutan is characterized by the environment that has made it stunning and captivating to visitors and the environment is as diverse as its culture. Bhutan is also known as “The Land of the Thunder Dragon” which means an existing culture and one of the last living examples of a rich Himalayan society. Bhutan today is considered to be one of the top ten destinations with its rich culture and vast biodiversity.

The pristine environment is home to exotic wild life and also for the endangered species like the black necked crane, the blue sheep, the golden langur and the Royal Bengal tiger. The country is 65 percent under forest cover currently and more than 26 percent of land is under the protected areas which comprises of four national parks. The rugged mountains and enchanting valleys, winding rivers and colorful lakes, tall shady trees and exquisite flowers make Bhutan a fascinating land and nature’s veritable paradise on earth. Bhutan is one of the best examples of sustainable eco-tourism which is inspired by the Buddhist view of the interdependence between man and nature.

Bhutan is a sacred land with deeply spiritual people. Buddhism and Hinduism are both practiced. As you travel inside Bhutan you will come across stupas or chorten and monasteries in the kingdom many of which were built centuries ago. Bhutan is divided into four regions western, central, eastern and southern. A tiny speck on the world map, with an area of 38, 394 sq/km altitudes varying from 180m – 7550m, above sea level. The northern half of the country one encounters a series of valleys separated by mountain ranges which are accessible only through high passes and motor able roads. The foothills upward the whole country is a criss- cross valley and ranges. This mountainous terrain naturally results in a variety of climates, from tropical to extreme cold. The northern part forms the Greater Himalaya with majestic ranges clothed in perennial snow, its rugged peaks rising to more than 7200 meters. The central part lies at the foot of the towering snow clad northern mountains with valleys at heights of between 1800-2700 meters. The Valley of the middle region of eastern Bhutan is comparatively narrow between 900-1800 meters high. The Southern consists of low foothills covered with tropical forests and the summers are warm with torrential rains.

The Bhutanese follow a remarkable way of life with unique traditions and culture little changed from thousands of years ago. The rich cultural heritage of Bhutan still exists as a living culture where age old traditions have not been forgotten even today. The people are very simple, friendly and fun loving and there are nineteen languages spoken in the country. The people from the western region are described as Ngalongs, from the east Scharshops and the Lhotsampas who are of ethnic Nepali origin from the south. There are several communities who have lived in isolation for many years in their own communities keeping their traditional practices alive. The Doyas live in the south, the Layaps in the north-west, the Monpas of central Bhutan and the nomads of Merak Sakten in eastern region.

Today, the kingdom of Bhutan is stepping into the 21st century, but keeping alive its past traditions, culture and heritage, it is determined to balance with the new changing world that will have a remarkable identity of its own. Tourism in Bhutan is known for its high value, low volume and the philosophy GNH (Gross National Happiness) which is the national policy. The policy asks every visitor to be careful or sensitive to social, cultural and environmental system as we are trying to preserve the best of its traditions in a fast changing world.

You can experience Bhutan, where you can be with nature at its finest and witness the unique lifestyle, traditions and culture in this peaceful land on the top of the world. You can be sure your vacation will be memorable.

You will experience one of the most fascinating journeys ever traveled across the globe with a totally different experience in the Hidden Kingdom also known as “The Last Shangri-La on Earth”.