Mountaineering in Sikkim  
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Recently the government has opened some of the peaks to promote mountain tourism in the state vide notification No.25/HOME/2006 dated 20/03/2006 issued by the Home Department, government of Sikkim, the following peaks have been open for mountaineering from the 17th September 2005.

  Peaks in West Sikkim  
  Name of Peak Location Grade  
  Frey Peak 5830 mtrs Chauringang AD+  
  Mt. Tenchenkhang 6010 trs West Sikkim D+  
  Mt. Joponu 5603 mtrs West Sikkim D  
  Peaks in North Sikkim      
  Name of Peak      
  Lama Wangden 5868 mtrs. Lachen AD  
  Brumkhngse 5635 mtrs. Yumthang D  
The permits for the above mentioned peaks will be issued by the Home Department. The amount mentioned below has to be paid in Gangtok, Sikkim, after the permit is granted by the Indian Mountaineering Foundation, New Delhi

The best season to climb in Sikkim is from May to October. Foreign expeditions have to book a peak along with a peak fee. It is mandatory for Expeditions in Sikkim to take a liaison officer from the Sikkim Mountaineering Association along with the liason officer from the Indian Mountaineering Foundation. IMF functions as a clearing house for foreign expeditions and deputes a liaison officer to accompany foreign climbers. All requests have to be forwarded to IMF for clearance.

It is advisable to give at least a six month's notice before embarking on an expedition.Rescue operations during emergencies and accidents are looked after by the liaison officer and have to be fully insured by Clients for rescue, evacuation and all costs pertaining to the Rescue.
Siniolchu Travels will only facilitate rescue operations , but all costs have to be borne by clients or paid up by Insurance Co. Siniolchu Travels Sikkim is free from all liabilities & claims arising for any calamities  and all activities conducted by Siniolchu Travels is on Free Will and undertaking of clients.


The Trekking Peaks in Sikkim.


Mt. Thingchinkhang and Mt. Jopuno.


Mt. Thingchinkhang (6010 Mts) and Mt. Jopunu (5603 Mts) are situated in western Sikkim and falls under Khangchendzonga National Park which is window to natural beauties, bio- diversity, sacred lakes and snow capped mountains. One can see this peak from Okhlathang Valley while trekking to Gochala (pass ). These two peaks have been declared by Sikkim Govt. as trekking peaks in 1990. Since then it had caught the eyes of many mountaineers, but it has only been appreciated much then climbed.

These mountain can prove just more than a trekking peak for many mountain climbers. From the summit of these peaks one can enjoy a breath taking view of some of the most beautiful mountains of Sikkim Himalayas. Mt. Pandim (6691 mts) on the right stands to the towering heights just in the same range where these trekking peaks rises.

Just across Okhlathang Valley one can see peaks like Goechala , Rathong, Kabru sisters, Siniolchu and the mighty Khangchendzonga. Mt. Makalu in Nepal is also seen from here.


Thingchinkhang Trekking Peak itinerary:

Day 1
Yuksom to Tshoka
Day 2
Tshoka to Dzongri
Day 3
Dzongri to Thangsing
Day 4
Thangsing to ABC
Day 5
ABC to Camp 1
Day 6
Camp1 Rest
Day 7
Camp 1 to Summit back to ABC
Day 8
ABC to Goechala back to Thanksing
Day 9
Thangsing to Tshoka
Day 10
Yuksom Total working days from Yuksom to Yuksom..13-15 Days

Frey's Peak


A beautifully Matthorn looking peak in near Rathong glacier lies in the vicinity of the Kabru sister of peaks, Rathong and Kokthang West Sikkim . This peak is best-approached traversing Frey glacier. The is mostly rocky with snow in its gaps. This peak is named after famous mountaineer George Frey who in an attempt to climb this peak with Tenzing Norgey fell and died. George Frey with confidence did not listen to the advise of Tenzing Norgey to put on his crampons. His Ice axe and crampons are still lying at the base of Frey Peak as him memorial.


LAMO ANDGEN in Lachen Valley


BRUMKHANGTSE in Lachung Valley